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I specialize in helping humans understand each other, and making your technology needs less complicated. 

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Just in case you didn’t know

I’m Jenn

Your Tech Friend

Our world and internet landscape is changing rapidly which makes creatives like us feel like we’re constantly one step behind. How are we supposed to reach our customers effectively?

I believe that no one should avoid getting into the world of online communication because of uncertainty or tech intimidation.

There is much to gain when you commit to effective communication online. I’m sharing my experience from years of blogging, podcasting, and online community building with you.

A few coaching sessions with me and you will leave with a clear and blueprint for an effective online presence.

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    in a nutshell

    What I do for you

    I specialize in helping creatives unpack their ideas and sort them into a clear message. 



    Offering insight into your digital products, what is current in the world of publishing, platform, and social media.


    Your mission tells a story, and I ask questions that bring the story to life. Partnering with you to design the best brand for your business.


    I specialize in coming alongside authors, speakers, and business leaders to communicte your message clearly. 

    5 Things You Need to Know Before You Self-Publish


    Get the latest tips on how to self-publish your book

    Are you wondering

    where to start with the writing and publishing process?

    Do you know

    Your purpose for writing and how to attract the audience you want?

    Have you heard

    How Amazon is affecting the publishing market?

    You need this class

    Keep it simple.

    Good design communicates a clear story. Share your story with the right people.

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