So You Want to Start a Podcast?

So you want to start a podcast, huh? It’s actually easier than you think. Download my eBook that runs down the basics you need to know, and some things that may not be so obvious. You’ll be up and running in no time!

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So you want to start a podcast, huh? It's actually easier than you think. Download my eBook that runs down the basics you need to know, and some things that may not be so obvious. You'll be up and running in no time!

Some Love from my customers

The Reviews

I live for the feeling of helping others find their own success. Here are a few sweet testimonies from digital design customers, coaching clients, and business owners who are thriving!

Cathy Lee


I’m a creative and I needed help communicating my vision. Jenn has been an awesome partner in helping me to get to the core of my mission, vision and how to effectively get that message out into the world.  She has helped me so much in untangling the technical aspects of a website, of social media and of marketing/branding.  She gives great, constructive feedback, sets clear goals and keeps me accountable in areas where I would be stuck. Jenn has a great combination of heart, care and the technical expertise to help me execute and share my passions.  She has been an invaluable partner in my journey.

Jennifer Swearingen

Homeschooler + Writer


My time with Jenn was so encouraging to me as an aspiring writer. Her feedback was specific enough that I left with confidence I could improve my work and yet general enough that I could stay true to my own author’s voice.  She suggested things to help keep my focus tight and engage the reader in a captivating way, as well as prune away those things that distract from the what I’m trying to say.  If writing is your passion but you need a friendly guide to help point your in the right direction, then coaching with Jenn is a great investment!

Elisa Nakamura

Explicit Movement


Jennifer has a way of asking the right questions so she can quickly and clearly understand both the heart of our company and how she can best help us move forward. She has a breadth and depth of resources and experience that help her to paint the big picture, while giving us actionable steps to get our message out where it belongs: in the hands of the people we are here to help. Jenn gave us an easy to use solution for helping us organize and track our projects and provided immense value to our organization in a very short time and we are so grateful for her!

The FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's clear up any uncertainty you have so you can move forward to produce your best project yet.


Questions? We have answers

Not sure if you need a digital coach? Here are some common questions my clients have asked to help them make confident decisions.

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Do you work on small projects?

Yes! I can help you with anything from graphics to planning your content, or a whole website design. Let's talk aout what you need and go from there. 

Can I just get advice once in a while?

Absolutely! My Coaching Packages are the best fit for this need. It's a retainer agreeement that allows us to be in touch any time you have a question. Make an appointment with me here to discuss your needs: 30 Minute Consultation

I'm in a different state. Can we still work together?

Absolutely! I'm in Hawaii, but I've had clients on the east coast of the United States (6 hour time difference). We do face-to-face meetings on Zoom and it works very well. Consistent communication is key. 

Can you help me self-publish a book?

Yes I can! I've self-published two books on Amazon and another on Ingram Spark. We can work together on everything including layout, design, submission, and marketing.