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I love to help people brainstorm their ideas and make them a reality. If you need to get your message out on a digital platform (or maybe just on your computer screen for now), contact me today and we’ll make a plan together. 


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How it started

Not all at once

I’ve been fascinated with words as early as I can remember. Obsessed with my grandma’s typewriter, I could spend entire afternoons copying words from books and magazines. 

It was no surprise to my parents when I joined the journalism team in high school after softball practice, then grew up to be an English teacher.

I’ve worked for a county newspaper, lawyers, political consultants, and church administration. Communication is my forte, and finding better ways to communicate is my personal drive. 

In 2016, after coming home from full-time work, I started a blog to catalog the lessons I was learning as a stay-at-home mom. Practical Family was born out of a pure need to get the words out of my head and into the hearts of mothers.

In 2017, I pivoted from the written word to the spoken word and learned how to podcast. Starting solo, I began to connect with other authors and speakers to interview them over 112 episodes in just a few years.

By joining book launches, writing retreats, conferences, and networking with dozens of writers, I learned about the publishing process (both self and traditional). I’ve published two books on Amazon and working on a few more.

In the meantime, I enjoy designing websites for authors, speakers, and businesses who need to communicate their message clearly and make a positive difference in this world.


My Favorite Things

on the home front

I’d like to share my sources of inspiration. Maybe you can relate? 


Vintage Antiques

I am a sucker for anything old and rustic. Studying history and what people used in days gone by is such a joy for me.  I love seeing the evolution of how far technology has come and what we’ve invented to make our lives easier. Observing the story our stuff tells helps me to appreciate what I have right now. When I travel, I try to visit an antique shop… or two. 


Tiny Things

There is a whole world of miniature decorators I never knew about until recently. I’ve been quite obsessed with following dollhouse accounts on Instagram, particularly if they have a vintage flare. I don’t know if it’s the cuteness factor, or being able to envision a smaller version of life. Maybe it’s the fact that a miniature room allows me to create an ambiance on a smaller scale and smaller budget. It’s just fun 🙂 



It almost seems contradictory for a digital designer to love information on paper – and even though I wouldn’t call myself an avid reader, I pretty much love the written word in all its forms. The new book smell, holding it, imagining the blood, sweat, and tears that went into writing it. I hope to write more books some day, and I appreciate every single process that allows people to share their ideas with a wider audience. Vintage books are fun to collect, too 😉


Meeting new clients

My favorite things usually lead me back to one main thing: People and their stories. Back when I thought journalism would be my goal, helping people tell their stories lights a special fire in me. My favorite part of working with new clients is hearing their story, passion project, or message they want to share with the world. Being invited into that process is a priviledge, and I never take that for granted. 


I live in Hawaii

You may not be able to relate to this part, but I never thought I’d end up living the island life. My husband was born and raised in Honolulu, and I met him while on a trip with my church. We dated over the phone for 2 years, got married over my spring break, and I moved to Oahu in 2006. We’re busy running a restaurant, homeschooling two teenagers, and traveling as often as possible. I walk my furbaby evey day in our neighborhood at the base of Diamond Head. 

We are a good fit if:

You want to focus on

Learning new ways to reach people

There are many ways to find the people who need your message. Let’s explore the avenues you can walk to connect with them. 

Trying something different

Things usually don’t change unless we do. We have to try new methods, get unstuck, and move forward in new confidence. Trust that great things can happen if you change up the game plan!

Committing to your project

Do you get easily distracted? Me, too. The next shiny thing is always on the horizon. But a completed project is so much more exciting! Let me help you finish well and be proud of yourself for not giving up. 

Receiving constructive feedback

Every project has trial and error points, and we get stuck when we don’t have fresh eyes and perspective to guide us. Let me help you move through difficult decisions and into a new world of possibilities!

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